Coutinho to Wear The Barcelona No 7 jersey

Barcelona announced on Thursday afternoon that Coutinho would wear the No. 7 jersey moving forward.

When he joined from Liverpool he was handed the No 14 jersey but now will wear the No left by Barcelona great players like Luis Figo, Pep Guardiola and David Villa.


It’s also been reported in recent days that Barcelona are in the process of trying to obtain a Portuguese passport for Coutinho in an attempt to free up a third non-European Union playing spot in their squad, according to reports
Brazil’s Coutinho currently fills one of those spots but the playmaker is eligible to be considered for a Portuguese passport Portuguese passport through his wife, Aine.

Barcelona hopes to get this sorted before the deadline of the Supercopa de Espana clash with Sevilla on Sunday because La Liga only allows three non-EU players in any matchday squad.

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