Responsible Journalism Necessary for Good Governance – Buhari

Responsible Journalism Necessary for Good Governance - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday observed that responsible journalism is a means to ensure good governance and democratic principles in the count. He made the observation while declaring the 67th World Congress of International Press Institute (IPI) which the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said the dynamics of the information age has shown that responsible journalism will naturally negate the promotion of hate speech including propagation of fake news in any discerning society.

He said: “The changing media landscape, the explosion of the social media and the rapidly evolving new technology have had a profound impact on media business and media practice. It is satisfying, therefore, that you have chosen an appropriate theme for your conference: Why Good Journalism Matters: Quality Media for Strong Societies.

“In a world where the borderline between hate speech and free speech has become blurred, good journalism matters. In an environment where fake news dwarfs investigative reporting, Good Journalism Matters. For survival in an increasingly competitive field, Good Journalism Matters. Good journalism promotes Good Governance. I, therefore, urge participants to give depth to the topic in your discussions and conclusions.


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